Who We are...

Green Waste Management Sewerage Services L. L. C. ("Green Waste Management") is a leading waste management company established by a team of professionals in the waste management industry. We offer complete waste management services and recycling solutions for industries throughout the State of Qatar.

Our proposal is to provide one reliable and centralized point of contact through a network of waste carriers who are managed for legal compliance, service and cost. This in turn gives us the ability to offer a cost effective and flexible alternative to landfill expansion, ensuring your waste is diverted to a local and fully licensed waste processing facility. This streamlined and consolidated approach leaves you to concentrate on your core business needs, with safety in the knowledge that your waste is being disposed of legally and responsibly.

Green Waste Management Sewerage Services

We offer complete waste management services and recycling solutions for industries throughout the State of Qatar.

Who do we work for..?

We offer complete waste management services and recycling solutions for industries throughout the State of Qatar.


Green Waste Management offers regular and consistent level of waste management solutions for the construction industry. This can range from individual projects to multi-site operations and large corporate developments.

Retail & Commercial

Our portfolio of customers range from single site outlets to large multi-site national corporations. Our expertise in the industry allows us to offer best practices and consolidated solutions which will not only improve waste management performance but will also result in better cost efficiencies.


Green Waste Management offers a robust waste management solution that compliments the needs of your business. We take on board the complexities of our clients and put forward proposals that show clear cost savings together with advice and training to accommodate your requirements.


We combine a mixed portfolio of disposal points including landfill, inert and exempt sites as well as recycling facilities. Material can be either delivered or collected as per the quantity and specifications required by our clients.

Our services...

Domestic, non-domestic and hazardous waste removal and transportation.

Grit and dry sludge removal and transportation.

Oily waste and chemical waste removal and transportation.

Sewage water, wet sludge and rain water removal and transportation.

Tank cleaning, manhole cleaning, pipe line cleaning and network blockage clearance.

Other sewerage and cleaning services by high pressure jetting machine and super sucker.

Manufacturing of any size skips and containers in own factory.

Supply of drinking water.

  • Compliance

    It is the responsibility of all businesses producing waste to comply with both national and regional government policies. All our sub-contractors are fully vetted; we ensure they have up to date waste carriers, waste management licenses, public and employer's liability Insurances and that we have a clear paper trail for all waste streams which gives you, the customer, peace of mind.
  • Legislation

    Our dedicated team is here to help whether this is for informal advice, or a strategic action plan to address the needs of your business, in conjunction with existing and future Government legislation and policy.
  • Health & Safety

    Green Waste Management takes our commitment to health and safety extremely seriously. We firmly believe that health and safety is more than just a legal issue; it also a moral one and all employers should ensure that their employees are safe and protected as far as reasonably practicable whilst in the workplace. We seek to maintain high standards of health and safety by ensuring we fully comply with the health and safety laws of State of Qatar, as well as ensuring that we comply with any other legislative requirements. We also ensure that any sub-contractors we use have high standards of health and safety by auditing them fully before we approve them on our database of suppliers.
Green Waste Management Sewerage Services L.L.C.
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